Link Love Wednesday

Hello, all! Glad to see that so many of you have found the new blog and home of D’blogala! I’m loving Squarespace and its versatility.

Today I wanted to send a little link love into cyberspace....links to all different kinds of things!

First off, I would like to talk about a former editor of mine who means SO much to me. We worked together a few years ago for an inflight airline magazine. He’s always been such a great cheerleader of my work. He went in for brain tumor surgery last Friday. Last I knew, he was doing really well, but I haven’t heard anything in recent days so I’m getting a bit worried. He’s a landscape photographer and his photos are simply beautiful. He mailed me his 2010 calendar, which I received a few days ago. I broke down when I saw the note he had written on it: “For Dawn, my loving friend and artistic inspiration.” You really must see his online gallery. And he’s selling his 2010 calendar for a mere $8, with profits benefiting conservation.

ANOTHER great blog of food and illustration: They Draw and Cook

Have you signed up for Journalfest yet? It’s being held Oct. 27-31 in Port Townsend, WA. SO MANY great teachers and classes. A smaller sister to Artfest, this retreat focuses on—you guessed it—art journals.

Did you know that Big Huge Labs has a cool color palette generator? Simply upload a photo to the site and it will pull all the colors from that photo into a little color palette for you. Too cool!

This incredibly cool tutorial for paper beads...I really hope to get some time to try it!

And I definitely want to make some of these...Easy, peasy mailers out of paper bags!

Have a great Wednesday!