Dawn DeVries Sokol


General Housekeeping

This week has been a little crazy. I’ve been working on a design sample for a crochet book, trying to get my tax totals together for my accountant, and writing the second article in my series for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Since I HATE taxes, I kept putting off said totals but finally finished them.

The article for CPS was much easier to tackle since it was FUN! I art journaled as I wrote, which I’ve never done but found enjoyable.

I started to recheck the RSS feed on this blog because Bloglines hadn’t been updating as I made new posts. I found the link that I supplied in the sidebar wasn’t working through Bloglines, so I’m not sure if you all are getting my updates or not. I hope so! Not that there’s been anything earth-shattering happening here.

Also, I’ve been thinking about what to blog. I feel like I’ve been drawing a blank in that area lately. I need to kind of look ahead and start to plan some posts, not just post when I feel the urge. That hasn’t been effective lately.

I appreciate all of the comments you leave here. I don’t usually have time to respond to them individually, and for that, I apologize. Just know that I am grateful to hear from you.

Lucy’s leg is on the mend, pretty much healed really. Fortunately, she’s left it alone for the most part.

And I learned more about my friend, Mike, who had brain surgery last Friday. He’s at home and doing well, extremely tired, but well. They won’t know a prognosis until later next week.

One last thing: Look for a BIG announcement here soon!