Dawn DeVries Sokol


What’s New

I haven’t been much in the mood to blog lately. I brought the flu (or is it a really harsh cold?) back with me from Disney. I feel as if I’ve been living in a fog the last week. Fortunately, there haven’t been many deadlines for me this week, except for some workshop proposals.

With Doodle Diary out the door (knock on wood), it’s time to work on some new book ideas that have been brewing in my head. Also, another article for Cloth, Paper, Scissors, an article for another mag which I will tell you about soon, and some pattern designs and promo material for the Surtex show in May. Craziness!

I dropped off my babydog at the vet for surgery today. I’m always nervous about this, and that’s why this operation has been postponed for so long. She has a fatty cyst on her back leg, and it needs to be removed before it gets any larger. We’re also getting her teeth cleaned. The vet said she has a slight heart murmur, which made me even more nervous when we said good-bye to her. But it will be a good day to clean out the studio, since it’s her favorite room and she should be at the vet all day.

Here are those journal pages finished...I am on to another spread as well!


Thank you to all for your kind words and comments about Doodle Diary. I honestly can’t wait to see the finished product!