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My Top 10

Jeannine Peregrine tagged me recently for the Honest Scrap award, which says I must list 10 honest and interesting little nuggets about myself. I’d never call these tidbits interesting, but here goes nothing:

  1. I’ve been to the White House twice for a VIP tour of the West Wing, once during the Clinton administration, the next during the W. administration. We got to see SO much more of it the first time!
  2. Hubby proposed to me in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom (WDW). We also honeymooned there.
  3. I’ve designed magazines and many kinds of coffee table books, but now I'd like to try my hand at designing YA fiction covers.
  4. Books have ALWAYS been a part of my life. I grew up a bookworm and would stay up late at night reading.
  5. I was told as a kid that I would someday be a writer. Never thought my writing path through journalism would take me to graphic design!
  6. Once in a while, I’ll try writing a fiction story, only to read it again much later and HATE it. Why does everything I write from my imagination sound so trite?
  7. I was a majorette for my high school band and even competed in baton twirling, but never won any big awards.
  8. I know dialogue to so many movies. It’s kind of a family trait for my hubby’s family. Many of our conversations contain various movie quotes.
  9. I became a more positive person after my dad died of a sudden heart attack in 2001. He was only 59. He’s the positive voice in my head and has influenced me even more after his death.
  10. I’m a news junkie. I also watch WAY too much Law & Order.
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