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*Tap, tap* Is this thing ON?

I’ve been asked by some of you recently why I turned off comments. Was it an accident? Did something happen to make you turn them off? Did you have a lot of spam? I wasn’t going to say anything ’cause I didn’t want to sound like I’m whining. (And I DO appreciate your concern and kind emails and tweets about it!) But, OK, here goes:

I got frustrated.

Yeah, I did. Because there were few to NO comments. I found myself looking to see if I had any comments and for so many days: NADA. So I figured, I might as well blog for myself for a while. No one else. Which I’ve enjoyed. It hasn’t been too long. I think I’m gonna keep it up a while longer. I tend to obsess over it when the comments ARE on, like how many, what readers are gonna say, etc. I’m getting a lot of page views, don’t get me wrong. Readers show up to the party, they just really haven’t been introducing themselves to the host. And that’s OK, really. But not when it’s bothering me so much. I need to get back to what I enjoyed so much about blogging. I don’t want to write something just for more traffic, to get more comments, etc. That influences my posts in a bad way. When I started, it was pretty much for me. Because no one knew about my blog! I was a lone partier, I had the tunes, the drinks, and the whole fiesta of décor (of course, some of that came later when I got a CLUE), but no guests. (I was dancing with myself, yeah, like Billy Idol.) Eventually, I sent out some invitations and started getting traffic and that was great, but when you’re bothered about VERY few or no one saying anything, well, it’s just not good. (And for those of you that DO comment on a regular basis, BLESS YOU. I DO appreciate it! This isn’t a snub at you or anything.)

So I told myself to chillax and take a sabbatical from comments for a while. I want you to keep coming back. If you have anything you want to tell me, like I totally need to get over myself for being frustrated by this, fine, email me. Just enjoy the tunes and the decorations for now. We’ll call it charades. Oh, and dancing IS necessary!

Soon, the mute button will be turned off...I promise.

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