Dawn DeVries Sokol


First Day NYC

We stayed at the Westin Times Square and our room was on the 22nd floor, so it had a view:

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to snap photos at the Show, but it’s completely understood. The work displayed by the designers was INCREDIBLE. The booths in the Stationery Show side were as well. I didn’t hover in the Surtex side, fearing I would be looked upon as someone who was “stealing” ideas...I was inspired, but in a GOOD way, one in which spun my brain around with my own ideas. At one booth in the Stationery Show, when I said I was a designer and looking around, I was told in a snotty tone that I was “looking for inspiration”, which insinuated I was stealing. NO. I was admiring, drooling, and frankly hoping that I’d someday work with this publisher, one that I’ve wanted to work with for a while. It IS possible to be inspired without stealing ideas, folks. I’ve always been concerned about copyright issues; in the past working as a magazine art director I dealt with it on a daily basis. So I still am concerned and careful. And at the Show I was looking to see which companies might be interested in my artwork and designs, where I might fit in. That’s quite a different pursuit.

That day I met Kaari Meng, owner of French General in L.A.; her sister Molly, who was exhibiting; and Jo Packham, editor and creator of Where Women Create.

After perusing the Show, Tracie and I ventured back to our hotel room then out into the city to explore. Our hotel was close to Hells Kitchen, so we walked this street fair...

INSANE. It was the largest street fair I’VE ever seen and completely PACKED. Once we walked a vast expanse of it, we decided to eat at Five Napkin Burger. GREAT choice.

We kept seeing other peeps with bags that said Crumbs Bake Shop. CUPCAKES. We had to find it. So after a little GPS on the iPhone, we were on a mission. It was actually just down the street from The Late Show with David Letterman. A red velvet and a cookie dough, easily found and later savored...