Dawn DeVries Sokol


Second Day NYC Part 2

After drooling at ABC Home, we ventured to check out John Derian, another home decor store, but to Tracie’s dismay it was closed. We did delight in seeing this mural (above) on the way there. I completely spaced Dick Blick, which is actually just down the street. We headed a little uptown to see Tinsel Trading, M&J Trimmings, and Kinokuniya Bookstore across from Bryant Park. After a lovely lunch at Pax Wholesome Foods, we hit Kinokuniya again because we missed the 2nd floor of art books. By this time we were loaded down and exhausted, but we kept going.

We ventured toward Midtown and I FINALLY was able to see the Chrysler Building. This truly is my favorite building in the world. I didn’t get to see it the last time I was in NYC, which was EIGHT years ago!

Closer, closer, and YES! Close enough!!!

We found 30 Rock:

And this:

LOVELY windows:

Up Fifth Avenue and hit a few stores here and there. A completely NY experience in Banana Republic left me throwing the clothes I was going to buy on the counter and heading out the door. We went to Tiffany’s to ask if we could buy a blue box and got laughed out of the store. Then we saw my hubby’s church:

Across from what used to be The Plaza Hotel, which I’m still sick about:

We then went back down Fifth and found the subway, which took us back to The Westin...

Later a YUMMY Thai dinner at Bangkok House on Restaurant Row included hot sake, which I emailed the photo of to Hubby:

The end of another great day in the Big City...