Dawn DeVries Sokol


Back in the Studio

For the past couple of days I was in Loveland, CO, shooting a DVD workshop for Cloth Paper Scissors. I met with Pokey Bolton and Helen Gregory and had A LOT of fun! They were so incredible. I had been so worried about how the shoot would go, not feeling like I had prepared enough, etc. But we actually got done shooting EARLY and were even able to shoot a little promo with me and Pokey.

Once I was done, I headed back to my hotel. And I didn’t leave my hotel room until the next morning. I was BEAT. When I went out to the parking lot of the hotel yesterday morning, I saw this:

Storm chasers. These weren’t the only vehicles either. There were about 25-30 of them in the parking lot. Some from Oklahoma Univ., Texas Tech, Univ. of Florida, etc. In fact, most of the vehicles IN the parking lot were storm chasers. I had a bad feeling about my return trip!

Got to the airport early. Most of the clouds were north of Denver. Everything seemed fine.

When we went to board the flight, the attendant told us we had to do it quickly because if the winds picked up any more the tower would stop us from taking off. The boarding of all the passengers actually took WAY too long. Then we sat on the tarmac and were told we had to wait for a few minutes for the storm to pass. I pulled out my iPhone and checked The Weather Channel. A tornado WARNING had been issued for our area! And another 20 minutes went by with us sitting on the plane until they told us to evacuate!!! Nice...

So our flight was delayed about an hour. And needless to say, I’m drained. I’m taking the rest of this week off...I’ll be in the studio, but playing. Back to work on Tuesday!