Dawn DeVries Sokol


Passport to Journal

1. LAdramalo, 2. Artfestpglo, 3. WDWspread, 4. Disneyspread, 5. Journalfestpg10, 6. Journalfestpg6, 7. Journalfestpg3, 8. UKJournal8, 9. UKJournal1, 10. UkJournal4, 11. UKJournal6, 12. UKJournal9, 13. UKJournal10, 14. UKJournal7, 15. Journalfestp14, 16. Journalfestpg5

These are pages I’ve done while traveling through the UK, to DisneyWorld, to Journalfest, LA, and Artfest. I love to art journal when I travel and have learned A LOT from doing it so often. In the Passport to Journal class I’m teaching at CREATE, I will discuss HOW to journal when you travel. I will show methods that work for me. And believe me, after all the traveling and journaling I’ve done, I really have experienced trial and error. We’ll apply the Pages in Stages method to a journal we’ll create in class. It’s gonna be FUN!