Dawn DeVries Sokol


Thought Process

It amazes me how much I want to do but just never seem to get to all of it. When I worked as art director at America West Airlines Magazine, my managing editor and I used to joke that we never finish projects. Almost like we have ADD. I think it’s easy to do when you live a creative life. We want to try it all. Ideas spring up when we least expect them. For me, they occur when I’m creating! They occur when I have insomnia. They will sometimes shut down my ability to participate in conversation, such as the other night as Hubby and I drove home. He talked and talked and I just sat there, with the creative wheels spinning, my mind unable to multi-task, so I grew very quiet, deep in thought until I pulled out my iPhone and started taking notes.

I know there is never enough time in the day but I also get frustrated with myself when I waste a day for lack of motivation. I can become a real lump sometimes. I think I get too scattered and lose track of what I should work on. Also overwhelmed at the thought of it all. Ugh.

The idea I was working on the other night in the car is one for a new online workshop. The seed is a concept for a book proposal that was stopped before it even came to total fruition due to needed focus on Doodle Diary. As I sat in Hubby’s car the other night and the idea came to me for the workshop, I began listing parts of it down. It wasn’t until I got home that it occurred to me that I could use the concept from the stunted book proposal to round it out. And then it came together.

I’m hoping to have it ready for fall. Seems like a ways off, but really, I have much in the fire right now. Getting ready for CREATE (the workbooks for Doodle Soup, stuff for Passport to Journal, the wares for my vendor table), and promoting Doodle Diary while working on design projects, a new book to author, and art journaling of course, really is a lot. Yet some days I don’t feel as if ANYTHING has been accomplished. I need to work through it all, I guess!

And a few words about Doodle Diary: THANK YOU everyone who has supported it so far! To those who have pre-ordered, those who have joined the Facebook page, and all your kind comments and wishes. They mean more than I can say. I’m proud of this book. Proud to say my publisher has me working on it’s “brother”. I can’t wait until I can see what you all do with it. And I will be announcing REAL SOON the plans for a book launch party on D’Blogala. Some great things are in the works for it!