Dawn DeVries Sokol


Adventures in PoGo

A while back, I posted about my new PoGo printer and how in love I was with it. I’m still using it, though maybe not as much as I’d like. When taking it to DisneyWorld in Feb., I forgot to take my camera cord so I couldn’t use it. Now I make a point to get that camera cord in my bag before I go!

I used it a little during my trip to NYC. On the NYC journal pages I did, the photo of the Chrysler building is one I printed on my PoGo in the hotel room...

I can't print from my iPhone directly to it, but if I download the photos from my iPhone to my laptop, I can print them out from there. The PoGo works with Bluetooth.

I decided recently that I should experiment with the prints. I wondered if they could be altered like normal photos could be. So I did a search and found a great video that shows different altering techniques. I also found a Flickr group dedicated to PoGo printing.

Here are a few of my experiments:

I've adhered them to pages in my idea journal (it's a Jill Bliss journal)...

So far I’m liking the “double exposure” prints best. I want to play with that technique some more!