Dawn DeVries Sokol


Life and Whatnot

Here’s a little shot of that recent journal page I’ve been doodling. Nothing major. I’ve been stressed with life stuff and a certain design project. I need to work on my next book manuscript this weekend. I need to work on my upcoming workshops for CREATE, on a possible online workshop, and other projects. Stuff for the big book launch par-tay starting July 28 and continuing through August. Somewhat more difficult with all the life stuff...

But I spilled a bit of it on the journal page above and that helped some. A dinner with a dear friend Thursday who allowed me to vent REALLY helped (Thanks, Shelley).

And are you sick of me talking about Doodle Diary yet? I hope not. I’m truly excited about the book and hope it does well.

SIGH Sorry, it’s seriously impossible to write a decent blog post when you’re sitting in a different house, the crazy sound of leaf blowers out back, and the constant clicking of your dog’s nails on tile, which is the whole floor here...

Hope you have a good weekend.