Dawn DeVries Sokol


Mosaic Monday=Salmon Love

1. Salmon Janet, 2. lachsfarben / salmon coloured, 3. Salmon Sunrise, 4. Salmon pink, 5. Salmon jumping, Blue Pool, 6. Windows in salmon, 7. salmon roe 3603.jpg, 8. More colors of Provence, 9. Salmondrella, 10. Mmm, Salmon, 11. SEP 2004, 12. Salmon-coloured Sunset

I am LOVING this color right now! Great thing is, there are many shades...from orange to pink...

Getting ready for the Doodle Diary book launch party here starting Wednesday! Make sure to attend...

And thanks to those of you who have bought a signed copy of Doodle Diary...I will be mailing those out Wednesday. Supplies are slim right now, so if you order yours this week I may not be able to get it out to you until later next week or the week after.