Dawn DeVries Sokol


It’s Officially Official

I AM taking sign-ups NOW for {12.31}, a holiday art journaling e-workshop! The class will start Oct. 15 (a little earlier than last year) so that we can get a jump on getting our art journals constructed and ready for the craziness of the holiday season. This workshop is designed to do the major portion of the creation the six weeks before December, so that during that month you can just collage and doodle and write. You’ll be able to throw your journal in your bag and take it with you. Daily prompts in December will keep you inspired and journaling.

There will be a few more new videos to accompany the workshop. We‘ll have a dedicated, password-protected blog for you to get your assignments, watch videos, and have discussions. $50 covers all the holiday goodness.

Yes, it is EARLY to start thinking about the holidays. BUT, you know how the season creeps up on us each year. Be prepared, I always say. It’s always a good time to start planning and prepping!

And for those of you who participated last year, you’re welcome to join us again! Your fee from last year covers this season! If you didn’t get your journal done last year, you can finish it this year or start a new one! YAY!

Register now!