Dawn DeVries Sokol


I Am Me

I changed out my desktop backgrounds today on my computer...I usually like to use one of my journal pages and then maybe something else I find that’s totally different for my laptop and separate monitor. But today I leaned toward two pages in very different journals:

Only the middle half of the page is showing in the monitor background, giving it a very different perspective. The one I chose for my laptop has a different message:

The top one is from my ledger journal, which is much larger than this one. This is made from a small children’s board book. I started this journal in Sabrina Ward Harrison’s workshop I took a couple of years ago. The photos I used on the pages are the same...the little girl I used for the top page is extracted from the photo of the three girls. (It’s actually a photo of my mom, aunt, and their cousin when they were little.) I painted the whole book while I was in class, but added the photo and words at home. On my computer it stares back at me like a mantra: “I am strong, fearless, woman, creative, motivated, powerful. I am me.”

Something we should all say to ourselves once in a while.