Dawn DeVries Sokol


Tooting a Few Horns

I’m overwhelmed, to say the least. So many wonderful words for Doodle Diary and seems those words are spreading. We’ve reached a second printing of the book and it’s only been available since mid-July. I’ve been seeing and hearing lovely reviews, such as this one on RaShell’s blog and this one on McNair’s blog.

If you write a review somewhere, whether it be on your blog, Facebook, Amazon, or other, please let me know!

I’ve been trying to get ready for the CREATE retreat in Chicago next week. Part of me panicked about the Vendor Faire...feeling like I won’t have enough to fill the table, but then I got to thinking, “Who cares?” I’m doing it to have fun, meet new peeps, meet online friends IRL, share with others, and get Doodle Diary out there. If you’re in the area next Friday, come by the Faire...and if you can take a class, do so! There are many great classes still open!

And sweet stuff coming from those of you buying my DVD! Here’s a great email I got a couple of weeks ago:

I just received your DVD, Art Journaling, Pages in Stages today. I am so glad that I bought your DVD.

You have inspired me and I appreciate that. My paints are out again and once again, the process has begun.

I had some unfinished works and started some new ones.


Many thanks!

Thank YOU, Ellen! That email totally made my day!

Feel the love, pass it on! I want to send out a little link love into the blogosphere:

Typical awesomeness here by Christine Mason Miller

I cannot find the words for this

Tammy’s voyage with her art journal

Mary Ann Moss’ blog is always full of juiciness. This post takes the cake!


I’m a longtime fan of this digital illustrator’s work

This lettering is just beautiful

Linda’s site full of yumminess

Roben-Marie shows us how to make INCREDIBLE mail art

Love this! Overheard and illustrated in the same day

Enjoy your Tuesday! Another giveaway tomorrow...