Dawn DeVries Sokol


Generous or Lazy?

I have so many things to do before going to CREATE. I have so many supplies and class materials to put together, not to mention the stuff for my vendor table. Trying to send out what I can tomorrow and hauling the rest with me. Gonna have to pay for a carry-on anyway, right? At least I know I won’t have to take extra blankets and such with me like when going to Journalfest!

So either I’m feeling lazy with this next giveaway (as in combining two into one) or generous (as giving you more bang for your buck). I prefer to think of it as the latter, but I really think it’s more of the former. Anyway, here’s what the winner will get:

A set of Soufflés AND a signed copy of Doodle Diary, you ask? YES! That’s how generous/lazy I am feeling at this point. The only giveaway after this is the GRAND prize, which is a BIGGIE!!!

So please comment in this post to enter. One comment per person, please. Tell me whether you think I’m being generous or lazy. And NO, you won’t be disqualified for saying lazy. I want honesty here, people! All opinions welcome! No complete sucking-up, either. That won’t get you picked for the prize. The Random Number Generator will do that job.

Deadline is Wed., Aug. 25 at noon PST. I’ll draw a winner that afternoon!