Dawn DeVries Sokol


Where I Wax Philosophical

I got out of the shower this morning feeling very philosophical. Maybe too much. I sometimes do my best thinking in the shower. Not sure why. Some people do their best singing in the shower. Me, I think.

I began thinking as to why I started art journaling and what art journaling really is. How some try to define it, label it, or claim that there are those who journal but it’s just documentation, not really art journaling. That you need to put your whole soul into it. That there needs to be something deeper on your pages. Huh?

I understand there are people out there who will jump into the “trend” of art journaling for a time. They’ll think it’s cool and hip and will only do it for that reason. Yeah, OK. But the thing about trends is that while everyone jumps on the bandwagon, some will eventually jump off, and there are a few who will keep at it because they’ve truly fallen in love.

I started art journaling for all the reasons that repelled me in the first place. Almost like the cons turned into pros. The fact that you can create and then shut it and put it away. You don’t need to display it for all to see. You’re really just creating it for you.

I think that last reason scared me off the longest. Creating it for me. Not for anyone else. There was no utilitarian reasoning: no one would “use” it, so why create it? What’s really the point?

That IS the point. For you, yourself. Isn’t that a bit selfish? No. You have to have something in this world that is just yours. What’s wrong with that? If you don’t do for yourself once in a while, you’ll eventually run out of the steam you use to do for others. It’s that simple. You need to refuel, to feed yourself.

And your art journal can be anything and everything: a place where you document, write, play, experiment, attach, mark, draw, doodle, punch, scratch, sketch, collage, explore, spill, search, SOAR.

So take flight, my little birdies. Don’t compare yours to others, or try to copy a style you’re not. Don’t THINK too much about it either. The art journal is YOUR journey. Yours, and yours alone. Take off, soar, and fly. And you’ll get the nourishment you need to fuel your crazy life.