Dawn DeVries Sokol


Where Does It Come From?

This feeling...this weird feeling that I can’t put my finger on. I woke up this morning after a strange series of dreams and now I’m out of sorts. I feel...I don’t know. Impatient? Anxious? Uncertain?

It always amazes me how we can wake up in the morning and have a completely different outlook than the day before. Does this happen to you? Eventually, I think the progression of the day will cease this mood and reverse it so that I hopefully feel as if anything can happen.

The beginning of Doodle Sketchbook is starting to freak me out a little. Like all major projects, it’s the starting that’s the hard part. I need to get some sketches to my editor to show her what I’m thinking as far as overall look and design. The manuscript is printed out, the large FlexiSketch sketchbook is ready and waiting, as is my Pica Pole so I can draw straight lines for borders of pages. 

I look forward to Journalfest with a sense of urgency. I have missed Port Townsend, missed Fort Worden and my beloved beach. I’m hoping to absorb a ton of creative energy while I’m there and get re-juiced.

I apologize for the random ramblings in this post...It’s how I’m feeling right now, so I’m going with it. Enjoy your Wednesday!

I am including a spread from Doodle Diary for your creative pleasure!