Dawn DeVries Sokol


My Big Fat Epiphany (Or Where I Just Finally Come Up for Air)

I’ve had a few epiphanies in my life...The ones in recent years are the ones I REALLY remember. Like the time I went to Artfest and was feeling as if I wasn’t an artist. My friend, Kathy, helped me rethink and retool that trip. Actually, I was being a bit of a hypocrite in my thinking and she made me realize that. Thanks, Kathy!

The a-ha moments are worth journaling, for sure. Lately, I’ve been dragging my feet, on EVERYTHING. Last week I used the excuse of my sore mouth; I went to the dentist and found out I need a root canal, which I’ve chickened out of once. We’ll see if I go this Monday. I just have felt so BLAH about creating. Oh, there have been little moments, like Wednesday when I found out Doodle Diary has sold over 11,000 copies! And I also found out other great news about Doodle Diary I can’t share yet... (Yes, I’m squeeing inside over this one!) But Thursday was another dud of a day, until I talked with Samantha Kira on Skype. After that, I realized I just need to GET OFF MY BUTT. (I’d use another word, but this IS a family blog.) I need to stop Twittering, I need to stop Facebooking, I need to stop PROCRASTINATING. YES! I have been using social networking as a procrastination tool. AGAIN. WHY do I do this to myself? It has been necessary for the promotion of Doodle Diary, but I need to stop checking it EVERY second. I need to JUST DO and not think too much about it. THAT’S what gets me in trouble—the thinking.

So, onward and upward! If you feel as if you’re in a rut, SHUT OFF THE COMPUTER, STOP THINKING, and MAKE ART! Write that book, journal that page, create that e-newsletter (All things I need to do...). This may seem obvious to you, but to me, well, sometimes I just need a kick in the head. I think I finally gave myself one!