Dawn DeVries Sokol


Leaving Las Vegas, For Good

Never again shall I go back to Vegas. We ventured there Saturday for the Wisconsin/UNLV game. A mistake from the get-go. The only good thing to come out of the trip was a lovely pedicure. We did get a really nice room at The Palazzo:

We were on the 39th floor...the view from our window:

In The Palazzo’s mall entrance:

So why the dislike of Vegas, you ask...Why so unhappy when there were some good aspects?

Because when people are rude and nasty and all about themselves all around you, the other aspects really do not matter. We encountered rudeness in the casino, on the strip, at the game among our fellow fans (!), among those driving limos and cabs, and pretty much EVERYWHERE. I take this rudeness so much at home. I don’t need to travel to encounter it as well. I could go into major detail, especially about the nastiest woman we ran into at the game, but why bother? EVERY time I’ve gone to Vegas in the last 10 years, it turns out to be a crappy trip. And I am done with it.

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