Dawn DeVries Sokol


My DVD on Sale

My workshop DVD, “Art Journaling: Pages in Stages” is on sale through today. At 40% off, it’s truly a bargain! There are many great DVDs alongside it...Cloth Paper Scissors has done a great job covering many mediums and formats.

If you’re not sure about purchasing it, here is yet another email I’ve received lately from a happy journal artist who has:

I recently bought the digital download version of Pages in Stages and I love it!  Watched it right thru when I got it and started painting pages the next morning.  I've been fascinated with art journals for a long time and have watched some videos on YouTube but yours is definitely #1 in my books.  You've broken it down and made it so simple and straight forward!  Certainly the best creative investment I've made in a while! 

Thank you, thank you.


SO nice to hear!!! If you don’t want to buy the DVD, you can purchase the download, which is even less expensive!!! But hurry, sale ends today...