Dawn DeVries Sokol


Getting Started

I’m often asked how to START art journaling—how to face the blank page, WHAT to draw, write, collage, how to get inspired, and how to sit down and JUST DO IT.

These questions are merely ways to procrastinate, to not take on the fear of creating, to never TRY, to not face disappointment. If we never try, we never test ourselves, and therefore, never have a chance to fail.

But what is there to FAIL at when art journaling?

In your art journal, it DOES NOT matter what you draw, write, paint, or collage. It’s that you just TRY, you just attempt to create. That’s all that matters. Your art journal is for YOU and no one else. That’s the real beauty. You don’t have to display it online if you don’t want to, you don’t have to show your friends, or try to explain to anyone what it is you’re attempting. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

Maybe you worry about what YOU think. If you really WANT to create, should it matter? Creation is joy, creation is passion, love, soaring! Don’t get down because your pages don’t look like so-and-so’s. They shouldn’t. It’s great to admire others’ art but also wonderful to enjoy your own. DO try new techniques. DO try to evolve in your art. And just have fun. Because isn’t that what creating is all about anyway?