Dawn DeVries Sokol



Give Me a Y, Give Me an O, Give Me a U!

What does it spell?


Yes, YOU!

It doesn’t spell me, nor any other journal artists’ names. That means one thing in your art journal:


Yes, you and only you can bring your energy, passion, and motion to your pages. Only you can write like you do. Only you can pick a certain way to mix up a color palette, word out your day like you, and/or collage like you do.

What does it all mean?

It means that copying others’ style doesn’t work. It falls flat. I see it so often. I can tell journal artists who are trying to emulate another’s style and it just doesn’t gel the same.

And why is that? Because a person’s style is pulled from the wonderful qualities that make them, well, them. And that shows on their pages.

Embrace all that is YOU. It’s the only way you will be happy journaling. Try various techniques you learn from different artists and then find what it is YOU love. Don’t try to be satisfied with copying someone else’s style. Because you won’t be the only one who will be able to tell.