Dawn DeVries Sokol


Isn’t it Ironic?

Yesterday I encountered rejection once again, from the same source. I don’t know WHY I seek the approval from this source, WHY it’s so important. Yet, a few minutes after I received the rejection, my perspective changed and all became clear. 

I never expected to feel almost RELIEVED about this rejection. Granted, I got some great news after the rejection that made me realize my work is not futile, that I am not to think the source of rejection is all-knowing. Art is subjective, what we do is subjective, and we can’t believe that one particular avenue is the right one.

Once I thought about the rejection, I realized my REAL intent and my plans were set. The weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt a bit lighter. All is good.

So don’t EVER believe that one source’s approval is THE end-all-be-all. Life is full of options, various roads, opportunities, and choices. You really CAN be in the driver’s seat.

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