Dawn DeVries Sokol


COOL Online Stuff

I wanted to mention that recently I turned to Bloglovin’ to read my blogs. I tried Google Reader for a while after the whole Bloglines possible demise. (Not sure: are they still operating?) Bloglovin’ really is the best! I first heard about it through Elsie Flannigan’s blog. For me, the greatest feature is that you can actually read the recent post ON the blog, not from the reader. There’s a button at the bottom of your window to scroll to the next updated blog. This has allowed me to comment so much more on the blogs I read. With Google Reader, I always had to bring the blog up separately. No need to do that with Bloglovin’. Honestly, try it with just a few of the blogs you like to read, and soon you’ll move over to it completely!

The other coolio new online presence I wanted to point out is CreateMixedMedia.com. Coming to you from F&W Media, this is a site for ALL things mixed media. I just submitted materials for a column I’m supposed to have posted once a month. I will let you know when it’s up! They’re still posting new material as we speak on journaling, collage, assemblage, jewelry, encaustic, book arts, stitching, and mosaics.