Dawn DeVries Sokol


Another Daily Doodle

Another spread done in the Daily Doodle Diary. As you can see, I just do a quick little doodle and make some notes as to what is what. I first started doing this last year at the same time. It seemed more involved then:

I was working in a regular Moleskine and allotting 8 boxes per spread; each box was a day.

I liked that format. It seemed like it gave me more room. I just compared this diary with what the size of the allotted boxes were in this last one, and they are the same size. I think part of the problem with this diary is that it’s incredibly small, but VERY thick, which makes it difficult to draw in. I can’t seem to rest my hand as I doodle. I think I am going to go back to writing the date out, even though it’s already printed on each page. I liked incorporating that into my doodle. In this little diary, the pages are unfortunately much thinner. Maybe I should work in pencil...

Last year’s Daily Doodle was inspired by Teesha Moore, who had started a daily doodle at the time. I love her doodles and how involved they were, how much of her day they told about. I encourage you to try it, even if you don’t think you can draw. I can’t draw, but yet I do doodle. And that’s what this is! When you start to exercise that muscle, it will develop! You can surprise yourself!