Dawn DeVries Sokol


RTs for Doodle: 12.31

I’m announcing a contest for those of you on Twitter:

Retweet my tweets about Doodle: 12.31 the most by Oct. 31 and you will win a spot in class!

Simple, right? Well, there are a few guidelines...

You must cut and paste the RT so I can track the tweets. Automatic RTs are much more difficult to track. When you cut and paste the RT, the tweet will show up in my mentions list. (My Twitter name must also be in the tweet.) If you do an automatic RT, sometimes Twitter won't show all those who RT'd it. So I can't count those in that don't show. Doesn’t make for a fair playing field, so you must cut and paste my tweet into the box at the top of the Twitter page and then hit “Tweet”, so your Twitter name shows in the RT.

This is an ongoing contest until Oct. 31, which means the more you RT my tweets about the class, the better your chances.

If you’ve already signed up for the class, never fear. You are still eligible to enter the contest on Twitter. If you win, I will refund your fee.