Dawn DeVries Sokol


Happy Birthday

There’s a young lady who appears on a lot of my art journal pages. It’s my Aunt Mary. And today’s her 70th birthday. My mom is with her to celebrate and they’re having a big party tonight. I won’t be able to attend, so this is a post for her!

I love the pics of my Aunt Mary and my mom as little girls and I love including them on my pages.

This image (above) of my mom, Aunt Mary, and their cousin, Barb, is one of my favorites.

I use this image (above) a lot as well. Mary’s actually standing with my mom and my Uncle Bud in the original photo. I love to reuse these photos and make them different by cutting out one person from them or using two people from them and so on.

I’m fortunate my mom had such a huge stash of family photos for me to use and reuse in my journals. I’m also fortunate to have such an awesome aunt!

Happy Birthday, Mare Far! Even if I don’t see you often, please know that I take you with me in my journals.

Love, Dawn

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