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Current Struggle

A few months ago, I turned off comments on this blog. I felt at the time as if I was counting too much on hearing from you because when I didn’t I felt discouraged. I decided I needed to get back to blogging for me. In August, I held constant giveaways to promote my new book, Doodle Sketchbook, and for that I needed to open comments back up. It was motivating to hear from all of you. I appreciate your comments.

Since then, I have left comments open on posts but then close them if I don’t hear from you after about a day. And more and more, I’ve closed comments on posts. Which means, there are less comments. I know you are visiting day to day; I see the page view numbers skyrocketing, and that’s AWESOME! I love that you come here. But this comments issue has been an ongoing one for me.

Honestly, it bothers me too much when I don’t receive comments. And then I think: well, how self-absorbed AM I?? Yes, blog comments are a great way to get feedback, discuss issues, etc., but it just feels like too much. Too much importance placed into it—for me anyway. Plus, I don’t always write much in my posts. I feel as if this is a visual blog, so it should be mostly visual. Maybe it appears as if I’m not making an effort to reach out. I apologize if that is the case. I do comment on other blogs when I feel inspired to do so. I interact on Twitter and Facebook. And when you email me, I always respond!

Recent online classes have allowed me to interact with many of you, and I LOVE it! There is SUCH a great group of students in Doodle Camp. We had great discussion during the class and students still post to the Yahoo group once in a while. I’m hoping to have that same interaction during Doodle: 12.31. I’m thinking, though, of pulling the discussion away from Yahoo Groups and to the private blog with a discussion page, so that it’s not so separated from the blog.

So, I’ve decided to permanently close off comments. BUT, they will be open on giveaway posts. This has been a tough decision for me. I love hearing from you. But maybe too much!

My email is always open, though. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email. If you have a question that I feel others will benefit from, I will definitely post it (anonymous) with my answer. Many of you actually have emailed me when comments are closed, and I do love communicating with you that way!

Love to all,


LifeDawn Sokol