Dawn DeVries Sokol


Life Lately

So I’ve been trying to get a few projects done lately. One of which is my holiday promo. This is what I did yesterday:

I need to do much more, but one thing I’m doing differently with this piece is I’m painting it. I usually do all my lettering work with markers, but thought I’d give a brush and paint a try.

One of the reasons is to get a bit more depth to the lettering. Another is that I will need to “brush up” on those skills because I’ve got a big project I’ll be doing for the city soon! I am one of six artists chosen to paint a utility box and a coordinating library card for my city. We went out yesterday to look over the utility boxes, talk about the project, and get a tour of the library. The panel members are a great bunch and I am so honored they picked me!

So the utility boxes need to be painted, and I figured if I was going to be doing that, I should really start to use a brush and acrylic more with my lettering projects. I want to be thoroughly prepared!