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My friend, Samie Kira has created a wonderful idea for a journaling class. It’s called Journaling Deep and it’s subscription-based. You pay a monthly fee, can cancel anytime, and you get a weekly newsletter. She’s been working on this idea for a few months, and even set up beta testers to make sure everything worked. Within 2-3 days, another person, who shall remain nameless, blogged about a “great new idea” she had and she had been “inspired by her friend, Samie Kira.” I’m not one to pick fights online, and I don’t like to call people out on wrong-doings, but GEEZ! This person has already been called out on stealing before! MANY times!!!!! It’s not like she hasn’t been warned before. This is pretty much a blatant copying of this class Samie has offered...

You do it once, we slap your hand. You do it AGAIN? Well, short of calling her out here, which I won’t do, I commented on her blog to discontinue the class. We’ll see. I’ve tweeted about it and posted my displeasure on Facebook. Besides, if she hadn’t done this sort of thing before, I’d like to think of it as a coincidence. It’s not coincidence when she’s done it so many times before!

In a community like ours, stealing IS NOT acceptable. We’re all try to make a living. I can see being inspired by each other, but stealing and copying isn’t inspiration. It’s stealing and copying. Plain and simple.

I’ve enabled comments for this post because I wanted to hear from you. If anyone DOES post this person’s name or link, I will delete your comment. Many people have already guessed correctly who this person is because of her history.

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