Dawn DeVries Sokol


You Say It’s My Birthday

So tomorrow, Nov. 24, is my birthday. It’s also Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. About every seven years, my birthday lands on Thanksgiving Day. Some people, when they find that out, actually look at me with sympathy and say, “I’m sorry.” I'm not.

Sure, do people forget my birthday? Yeah, pretty much. I’ve gotten used to not being inundated with birthday wishes. It happened when I was growing up. Everyone would forget my birthday even when it fell BEFORE Thanksgiving. Oh, but not my family! They were always awesome about it. Still are. Just fellow students, co-workers, friends, etc. And it was always fine. I got used to not getting that attention. I get embarassed when I do.

As a kid, having my birthday on Thanksgiving actually ROCKED. A parade on my birthday? Cool! A really special dinner with TONS of food?? Birthday cake AND pumpkin pie? Which should I eat FIRST?? Lots of people around the country celebrating?? OK! And I DON’T have to cook or do dishes? YES!

Now, at 43 (almost) it really doesn’t matter anyway. Seems like just another day. Just give me a good dinner and be nice to me. That’s all I want. Oh, and world peace. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

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