Dawn DeVries Sokol


Doodle Camp

I am shutting down registration for Doodle Camp. The class blog will be shutting down Dec. 31, so I didn’t think it was fair to allow any more registrations with such a short time to access the materials. I appreciate those of you who registered! I would love to offer this class as a PDF in the near future, so if you wanted to take it but weren’t able to register this year, please know that it is possible I will be offering that option.

Also, a note on refunds:

I don’t issue refunds. I recently had a student who registered and about 8 hours later asked for a refund. She wasn’t satisfied with the class. She felt there wasn’t enough instruction on how to doodle. I think I make it VERY clear on the class description what’s involved in the class. And I NEVER teach HOW to doodle. Let’s put that out there. You KNOW how to doodle. EVERYONE knows how to doodle! It’s a natural thing. I also do not teach how to make pages just like mine. I want my students to journal in their own way. Art journaling/doodling is a very personal thing. To create pages just like someone else isn’t being original or authentic. Which, by the way, I wrote an essay about in the new Pages magazine from Cloth Paper Scissors...