Dawn DeVries Sokol


Holiday Uncertainty

No, this isn’t one of those deep, thought-provoking posts about the holidays or anything else, for that matter!

Nothing earth-shattering at all—I just can’t decide what to do for my holiday art journal!

I showed you in an earlier post a boardbook I was painting in an edgy way specifically for the holidays:

Well, over the last couple of days I’ve been having second thoughts. I don’t know why. I started to think back on other holiday art journals I’ve done and their construction. The most recent ones were constructed of holiday scrap papers, holiday packaging (this incorporates my holiday Starbucks love), some watercolor paper, and greeting cards. Pages were all different sizes, so there were visual layers to the interiors.

But I feel like I’m evolving a bit. Time to change it up. So even though I’m not totally in love with this journal, I’m still going to use it as my holiday journal.

I still need to design the cover but I finished painting it yesterday. This morning, the silver duct tape helped me like it a little more.

What are YOU going to use as your holiday art journal?

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