Dawn DeVries Sokol


Happy December

This month is going to be crazy, what with Doodle: 12.31, my project for the city, writing my manuscript for my next book, some book projects for an awesome client...Life always seems to lob it all at me at the same time, but I thrive on the stress. It’s weird.

I went out yesterday and today, shopping at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and the grocery store. It occurred to me that most people were walking around with somber faces or just acting kinda crummy in general. Isn’t this supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year? I know it’s been difficult with the economy...Believe me, I’ve been impacted, too. We all have. But it wouldn’t hurt for us to try to make the most of this time and be a little kinder to each other.

At the grocery store today, the butcher was putting meats into the case and he said, “Hey, how are you today?” And I said, “I’m good, how about you?” And he turned to me, smiled and with the most surprised but pleasant tone, said, “I’m fine, THANK YOU!” He was definitely surprised that I asked him how HE was. I think most people just mumble, “Fine” and move on like it’s not a big deal. BUT IT IS!

So, to spread a little holiday cheer, I am going to give away signed copies of my books: Doodle Diary and Doodle Sketchbook! All you have to do is comment in this post by Monday, Dec. 5 and I will pull a random winner for a signed copy of each book! Cheers!