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My Year in Journaling 2011

Last year I did a post like this where I did a round-up of how my year went through art journaling. It was so fun, I decided to do it again!

In January, I went back to my Daily Doodles, but they didn’t last long:

I started to work in a new kind of art journal I planned on teaching:


I finished up Doodle Sketchbook in February before we headed to DisneyWorld:


Once I got back, I started working on the Dutch translation of Doodle Diary:


And of course, I journaled in different ways...

In April, I headed to The Makerie to learn from Flora Bowley and Lizzie House:

In May, I taught at CREATE in Orange County, CA:

And revisited my ledger journal...

In June, we headed to San Francisco—Hubby for the Worldwide Developers Conference, and me, well, I just tagged along.

And I played in a tapebound journal:

In July, I went back to a smaller handbound journal and repainted some of the spreads. But I also stayed with the tapebound journal.

In August, I tried a simple approach on one of the reworked spreads in the small handbound journal:

But I continued to work in another tapebound journal for my online class, Doodle Camp:

In September it was ALL about the tapebound journal (and a trip to Seattle):


In October, I was STILL tapebound and also completed a spread in the ledger journal:

In November, my originality vs. authenticity essay was published in Pages:

I worked up another edition of NaNoJouMo, this time with phrase prompts:

And I prepared for the third year of my online holiday workshop, 12.31, this year as Doodle: 12.31:

Which brings us to December and the 25 Days of Journaling Starbucks:

And my holiday journal:

To all of you who come to my blog, Happy New Year and THANK YOU! I appreciate your support in everything I do here!