Dawn DeVries Sokol


“Just Keep Swimming”

Quote above from Dori in Finding Nemo

I’m back from my blog break and a Disney vacay to boot. Hubby and I had planned this trip for a few months, but that’s not as long as other Disney vacays we’ve planned! Sometimes he starts to plan it a year in advance. My nephew is working the college program at DisneyWorld and I’m so proud of him! He works attractions in Fantasyland. He comes home in May. But we had an awesome time with him there this last week.

I’ve got a few posts planned from this vacay, one on civility. Within one day I was hardened by the rudeness of a fellow Disney guest, then softened by another one’s sweetness later that day. You just never know who or what you will run into.

Yesterday, CreateMixedMedia.com posted the first offering of my new monthly column, Journal Fresh. Go over there and read about Anna-Maria Wolniak of Poland. I love her journal pages!

On a sad note, I was sorry to hear about Border’s bankruptcy. This will hurt my beloved Michigan and all of the U.S. They will be closing 200 stores, many of which are in AZ.

Thanks for understanding about my blog break! I really needed to take it. The time away was just what I needed.