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Reasons for the Break

Yesterday, I posted that I’m going to take a blog break for a couple of weeks.


But before I do, I wanted to say why I need one. I think I need state it here to remind myself why.

I sometimes get so consumed by the internet. It bogs me down and starts to intimidate, saturate, and basically take me over. I truly love all of the inspiration from the blogs I read, the flickr peeps I follow, Facebook, Twitter, and emails. But it starts to overwhelm me. And NOT in a good way.

I begin to compare my blog to others’: how many comments I get, what kind of content am I posting vs. their content, why aren’t more peeps commenting, who’s looking at the blog, who’s NOT looking at the blog, and on, and on, and on...

It can really fester.

Festering is NOT good. So every once in a while, a break is what I need to get a fresh perspective, ie, to get back to WHY I started blogging in the first place.

And I DO appreciate those of you who DO visit my little corner, those who DO comment, react, etc. I REALLY value that, but sometimes I think I value that TOO much. Or maybe not in the RIGHT way.

So I will break away for a little internet vacay. While I’m gone, I will art journal, I will draw, I will plan, scheme, plot, and generally try to hatch a way to revolutionize the world with doodles. A pretty tall order, I know, but I’ll at least TRY!

In the meantime, keep journaling!

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