Dawn DeVries Sokol


Up and Down

Lately life has been a series of ups and downs. Mainly with my anxiety level. Not sure why I’m having these issues. I think spring has something to do with it. For me, spring is a season of taxes (ick), and knowing that the desert heat is just around the corner, keeping me housebound for several months. I love having the windows open and relishing the smell of orange blossoms. But that doesn’t last and that’s what bothers me.

My desk above. I’ve tried getting back to just doodling for a while. Doodling letters and lines and just enjoying the process. Sometimes we get far from the basic techniques that brought us to where we are in the first place. I haven't done pages just covered with doodles for a while. Doodles of quotes, lists, lines, etc. The repetition and finessing are what I enjoy most about those pages. I’ve felt a bit out of step with it, though. Like I can’t get back to just sitting and doodling quotes, various letters, etc. I seem to be too worried about the outcome, what the page could bring me recognition-wise, monetarily, and other attention-hound-like tendencies. I’m too busy thinking about what I should try next: lettering illustration, pattern design, etc. I need to get back to just doodling FOR ME, just divvying up a page and then filling in all the little sections with bits and nuggets.

On a separate (somewhat) note:

Doodle Sketchbook corrections reached me yesterday. I think that was another area of anxiety. BUT, upon looking through the pages, I realized that it wouldn’t take long to get through them. I blew through the text edits yesterday, and have just a tiny bit of art and design corrections to make. MUCH better than Doodle Diary corrections were last year. I think Sketchbook will be a great doodling buddy for EVERYONE, not just boys as it states on the cover. It is a departure from Doodle Diary, but a great departure. I am happy with it!