Dawn DeVries Sokol


Book Review Week

While I’m out for the week at CREATE, I thought I’d post about some books that have landed in the studio lately.

First up is Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing by Mike Perry. Another curated collection, this one contains—yes, you guessed it—screen printed art. At the front of the book, Perry introduces us to screen printing with a hand-drawn how-to of sorts. You may remember Perry’s first book Hand Job: A Catalog of Type, which is still a go-to for me. I think it’s because I LOVE hand-drawn type. Pulled is a wonderful collection from designers far and wide. Honestly, I wish there had been more type-driven pieces. My fave poster artists, Modern Dog, weren’t included in Perry’s collection, and while they do have their own book, it would’ve been nice to see some recent work from them. I did enjoy Jim Datz’s city posters and the art of Andy Smith. I DO wish I had the nerve to try screen printing. Maybe this summer when I’m hibernating!

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at another book I had been waiting for a while to get my grubby little hands on!