Dawn DeVries Sokol


Book Review Week: Day 2

Sarah Ahearn Bellemare’s blog and work have intrigued me for SO long. When she announced she was writing a book, I KNEW it would be a book to include in my library. Not only does Bellemare decorate the entire book with her art, she has included featurettes on other artists and their inspirations and sketchbooks. My favorite featured artist is Kari Chapin Nixon, an author and crafter who claims she doesn’t draw very well but she doodles out incredible packing lists before she goes on a trip. Her checklists are also great documentation of her pre-travel thoughts. She writes out what activities she plans on, and specific parts of the trip she looks forward to.

Bellemare also gives us a peak into her own sketchbooks and how they inspire and influence her work. She discusses composition, color, her process and various techniques. This tome is definitely one to check out if you need inspiration, if not to read but to even leaf through for visual YUM! It’s a feast for the eyes and mind.