Dawn DeVries Sokol


Book Review Week: Day 4

I usually shy away from traditional books about watercolor and painting techniques. They’re usually SO dry and a bit boring. I’d rather seek out books that are more mixed media-driven by artists I know and love, such as Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab or any of the other books I’ve previously mentioned here.

I’ve read Heather Smith Jones’ blog for a while. Her new book, Water Paper Paint: Exploring Creativity with Watercolor and Mixed Media seemed JUST the type of book I wanted to add to my collection, considering mixed media is in the subtitle! Her use of watercolor is lovely, and I regard her and Geninne Zlatkis as my two favorite watercolor artists. There are some more traditional watercolor pieces in the gallery, but Jones overall concentrates on turning up the volume of watercolor art. She shows us a bunch of various projects to inspire and teach readers. My must-try project: WRITING with Watercolor. But she also shows us how to work with paper ephemera, cutting up a larger piece, using salt as a medium texture, using tapes and stencils, and using watercolor on a monotype or an antique postcard.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at watercolor, check out Water Paper Paint! It will surely inspire you!