Dawn DeVries Sokol


So Much...

So much to say. So much to do. So much to absorb and learn from and play with. But I’m down for the count.

I always go to retreats eager to soak up everything I can. With this retreat in Southern Cal, Hubby and I drove through the desert so I didn’t have to fly and pack a ton of stuff and ship all of it. It worked out REALLY well and I’d be willing to do it again.

I think because I freelance from home and don’t have the consistent contact with others, and also because I’m not used to SO MUCH all at the same time, my immune system isn’t quite up to snuff anymore and I get sick. I thought I was getting a cold last Thursday. I taught Pages in Stages on Wednesday (went for a sushi and saké dinner with a good friend that night), then Seen it on the Street Journal and Doodle Soup on Thursday. Just before going back to the hotel for Doodle Soup that night, I felt it coming on. The scratchy throat, the headache, the tiredness. Ugh. I taught Doodle Soup to a full crowd, though, and it was my best class of the retreat. I crashed into bed that night and went to Alisa Burke’s Larger than Life class the next morning, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to make it for very long. After an hour of watching her demo, which was delightful, I went back to my hotel and snoozed. Found some Thai soup later in the day and went back to sell Doodle Diary that night at the Artists’ Fair.

Since I came home last Saturday, I have slept and relaxed. Monday night I made dinner and I felt like I was getting better. Tuesday I woke up feeling yucky again. Today I’m feeling tired and icky, but the sore throat is not progressing into a full-fledged cold. I’m beginning to think it’s severe allergies. What’s a girl to do?

But you don’t want to hear me go on about my health. I had an EXCELLENT time at Create! The above pic is from Seen it on the Street Recycled Journal. I had a fun time putting my journal together in that class.

This week is all about the relaxing, but there are some things I need to work on since I have a bit of a break in the design department. I’m getting a new promo ready to send out into the world and I’m working on some new class ideas for both online and in-real-life retreats. Major life changes (all good) are coming down the pike. While it is the beginning of summer and for me, that means a bit of seasonal depression (the hibernation in the summer months of AZ drives me crazy), I am still looking forward to many good things on the horizon. Hopefully, I can share those good things with you real soon.

Thank you to all my students at Create for making it a spectacular retreat! I never tire of meeting my blog readers or seeing the awesome creativity of my students. You never fail to amaze me. And make me feel special. You are what makes it all worthwhile!