Dawn DeVries Sokol


I Need Your Help

Honestly. The idea that’s been swimming around in my head for the last few months isn’t going away. But I need YOUR help to make it happen.

Last night, I was looking through the iBookstore and came across 1000 Artist Journal Pages. BUT the cover is redesigned. I figured it was for the electronic editions but was a little sad Quarry didn’t ask me to redesign it. I haven’t worked with Quarry since 2008. They did recently email me to let me know that 1000 AJP will be turned into a mini edition, meaning the dimensions will be much smaller, so I’m not sure if it’s being completely redesigned for that. They did redesign the cover for it, which I found through a Google search, but it is titled 500 Artist Journal Pages. Since it is part of their 1000 series of books, I don’t get royalites or have any say in the rework of the publication.

Shortly after the publication of 1000 AJP, I mentioned to Quarry I was more than willing to do 1000 MORE Artist Journal Pages. But they declined and told me it was too soon to even think about it. I have no ill will against Quarry, but I doubt that if there IS a second book they will contact me to curate it. That said, I have thought A LOT about doing a second book like it. Many of you have expressed interest in a second book or written to tell me to do one, which I am REALLY glad to hear. It’s wonderful to know that 1000 AJP has inspired so many of you!

So here’s where you come in: I want to do another book LIKE it, but it will have some major differences in format to not step on anyone’s toes. I need you to speak up and tell me if you’d support it. I need you to speak up and say you’d send in scans of your journal pages to be considered. I need YOU. Simple. To the point. YOU. I’m saying this because I would need you to help spread the word. 1000 AJP was something that really caught on, and I used the internet as the main way to get the word out that I was looking for contributors. I received submissions from all over the world, and I don’t want this effort to be any less of a campaign. If it doesn’t reach that fever pitch, it will not be as inspiring of a book. Plus, I don’t have capabilities at this point to shoot journals that artists don’t want to scan for fear of the scans being less than quality. I received a lot of great scans and pics last time, and I know that there are many of you out there that know how to scan or shoot quality pics now. If worse comes to worse, we’d have to work something out—maybe if you send me your journal I could scan pages in for you. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

To be practical, this book would be an ebook. I’ve been researching different platforms for ebooks, different sites that offer presence and options for ebook publishing. Contributors would receive a free copy. There may even be a printed option eventually, but since ebooks are so much more simple to publish, it may stay digital. I came to this decision over months of hashing it out in my head. I am a book designer. I LOVE print. But I can’t deny the opportunity ebooks bring. I have even thought of publishing an ezine. I’ve played with that idea for a couple of years now. But there are always paying gigs that I need to do in order to live. That’s an idea that continues to fester, though.

What brought all this to a head was last night’s shopping in the iBookstore. When I saw the redesigned cover, I just had to do some more exploring. And when I came upon the most recent review from “Darshay” on Amazon, I had to give this second book a chance. Here’s a portion of the review:

Artists from many different countries all forging ahead to the best of their abilities, using what they have to express. I loved every page of it and if Dawn puts together "Another 1000 pages" I'll get that one too!

Are you with me? Would you support this effort? Would you aid in the campaign to get the word out so that this book could be just as inspiring? If so, PLEASE let me know. I need to know I have interest and help in order to move forward with this project. It is a HUGE effort to put something like this together and every ounce of support I can get from you will help SO MUCH! Thank you!