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Mail Call

Hi! I just wanted to post an email I received recently from Damiane. When I replied to it, the email address supplied bounced it back to me. Then I realized it’s something others might be wondering about as well...

Hi Dawn,

I love your recent posts on art journaling!  Very, very beautiful and inspiring.
I have a quick question for you. I still haven't made my first art journal because I've read online comments about the pages sticking together due to the acrylic paints (especially inexpensive ones). Is this your experience?

I once tried to alter a book using glazes, and yes, the dried paint resulted in gooey, sticky pages. Sigh.

I love your work, and I look forward to your response.

By the way, I own your DVD. Do you use "watercolor" paper by Fabriano Artistico? What paints do you personally use? I know that in the DVD you mentioned that any paint (even less expensive ones) work. 

I'm considering Claudine Hellmuth's paints. Any suggestions?


Damiane Lucas


My reply:

Hi, Damiane!

Thanks for your email...I've never really had pages stick together. I don't use gel medium over them. That will definitely make them stick. I don't use gel medium over my collage bits either.

I use Fabriano hot press 140 lb. paper to make my journals. It’s the one material I splurge on. I love the way it accepts all mediums. I don’t have to use gesso either. It’s a thick, sturdy, smooth paper. As for paint, if you are just starting out you might want to use cheap paints for a while. That way you won't be afraid to use them...I always was worried that I would "waste" my more expensive supplies when I first started journaling.
I still use the cheapie craft paints you can buy at Michaels. They leave a matte finish, which I really like and they're CHEAP! I don't use glazes either.

Thanks for getting the DVD! Enjoy!


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