Dawn DeVries Sokol


I DO Love You But...

I am going to disable comments again. I did this awhile ago in an attempt to blog really just for myself and I think it’s time to do so once more. I don’t understand why the internet has become SO consuming, but for me it has. (It’s also turned a bit nasty—accusations of stealing, copying, and other ugly things. I feel as if everyone is PMS-ing at the same time. But that’s another post.)

I’ve started to worry too much again about comments, pages views, subscriber counts, etc. I don’t know how long this no-comment period will last. But please know that it makes my blogging better if I’m blogging just for me. If you want to chat or comment on a post, please feel free to email me. The button to do so is in the sidebar. I will respond if time allows. Know that I appreciate your visiting here, but have come to count on it too much again. Thank you!

LifeDawn Sokol