Dawn DeVries Sokol


Another Email Inspired Post

Hi! While I’m working on a materials list for Doodle Camp, I wanted to address something that came up in an email from one of you.

This person said they recently tried to create an art journal page that resulted in mud, meaning it wasn’t a harmony of colors, but a brown mess. My response: That’s OK and quite normal when you’re starting to journal. You won’t create pages you’ll love for a while. You’re going to create a MILLION pages you hate until you’re finally happy with something you’ve journaled. BELIEVE ME. I’ve been there. I hated my first journal pages. I’m still not happy with everything I journal. It’s part of art journaling. It’s part of CREATING! If I had known that early on, I would’ve felt much better about the whole process. You can’t just jump in and create “beautiful” pages. And what is a “beautiful” page anyway? Art is subjective. What you like others may not, and vice versa. I know a lot of people don’t like MY journaling. Does that stop me? NO! Because that’s NOT what it’s about!

I’ve often created pages that I compare to others’ and that’s the first mistake you can make. DO NOT COMPARE. DO NOT STRIVE TO MAKE YOUR PAGES LOOK LIKE SOMEONE ELSE’S! Yes, I am shouting! But in a good way.

Have a little patience. Give yourself some credit. Creating is a LEARNING process. It never ends. If you’re doing it right, you’ll always be evolving. If you develop a style, fear not, you’ll eventually meld into another “style”. It’s not about journaling to get published, to get noticed, to get recognized! Art journaling is about YOU and YOU alone. PLEASE remember that. I wish everyone would remember that!

OK, I’m climbing down off my soapbox. Peace out.