Dawn DeVries Sokol



Lately, I feel as if I’m at a crossroads in my career. As I said in a previous post, the winds are changing for me a bit design-wise. This last week was bumpy, a rollercoaster of emotions.

Along with that, I’ve been experimenting a lot with certain techniques. I seem to be wearing my explorer’s hat, trying various methods with tools that are new to me. What if I sprayed this with that? What if I drew this, then sprayed that on a certain kind of paper compared to that paper? And so it goes. This continuous flow of questioning—questioning that doesn’t stop after leaving the studio: What should I promote, who to, and how soon? What should I share here? And what should I keep to myself? In which direction should I head forward?

In all of this, I need to remember to go easy on myself. I’ve had some down-trodden, I’m-not-worthy moments and it takes a while to slide past those. To remember that I’m surrounded by people who love me, to remind myself that I need to love ME. We all go through rough patches—times that test us and make us who we are after we pull through them. For that we should be grateful. Yes, those tunnels may SUCK as we’re driving through them, but seeing the light at the end is the pot of gold.