Dawn DeVries Sokol


It’s Here!

My advance copies of Doodle Sketchbook: Art Journaling for Boys came today in the mail! I am pretty dang happy with it...More subdued, though, than I was with Doodle Diary. Don’t know why. But feeling pretty good in general. (By the way, the Amazon page for Doodle Sketchbook has some preview pages now! It will also be available in bookstores everywhere!!!)

In fact, I’m feeling incredibly calm with all that is going on right now. We’re getting our new house renovated so we can move in pretty soon. THAT doesn’t feel totally real yet, even though the house feels more like home now that it’s ours. Does that make sense? It wouldn’t to me if I weren’t the one saying it!

Some other things are going on, too, right now that I can’t discuss here, but hopefully soon. Good, uncertain, but I’m feeling strangely relaxed about them, even though they could blow up in my face. Weird.

Doodle Camp is around the corner...I have some book design projects coming down the pike...A fun design project that I’m looking forward to working on...And a new book idea BEYOND the one more solidified...Geez. This is getting out of control.